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STAR WARS IMPERIAL ASSAULT din categoria Jocuri tactice

Cere notificare STAR WARS IMPERIAL ASSAULT cod 9781616619909

STAR WARS IMPERIAL ASSAULT din categoria Jocuri tactice


Enter the classic Star Wars saga and vie for the fate of the galaxy in the dramatic ground conflicts of Imperial Assault, a board game of tactical combat and adventure for two to five players! This game introduces two complete play experiences a campaign game and a skirmish game. In a campaign, one to four players play heroes of the Rebellion, engaging in cinematic missions and battling the Imperial armies under the command of a single player. The skirmish game, on the other hand, allows two players to muster strike teams and battle head-to-head in Imperial bases, the jungles of Yavin 4, and other cinematic Star Wars environments.

Enjoy two complete games in the Star Wars universe the campaign game and the skirmish game Play as a hero of the Rebellion, or command limitless squads of stormtroopers, Imperial officers, and massive AT-ST walkers A thrilling campaign contains over thirty missions, ensuring that the campaign is never the same Muster a team of soldiers and iconic characters in skirmish mode and battle over crucial objectives Includes bonus Luke Skywalker Ally Pack and Darth Vader Villain Pack, offering sculpted plastic figures and additional missions for both campaign and skirmish games

  • Vizualizat: 4320
  • Producător: Fantasy Flight Games
  • Cod produs: 9781616619909
  • Disponibilitate: Cere notificare
  • 499,00 RON
  • Preţul în puncte de recompensă: 193

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