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Middenland Tufts din categoria Miniature Wargame

Middenland Tufts cod 5011921029136

Middenland Tufts din categoria Miniature Wargame

Middenland Tufts

Middenland Grass is renowned for being lush and verdant, and when your Warhammer armies march across it, a few choice tufts on their bases will really help to set the scene. Each sheet is 210 x 148 mm in size (or 8.3 x 5.8 inches if you prefer Imperial measurements), and holds 200 individual grass tufts of varying sizes, ranging from large patches of foliage to small clumps. They've also been specifically designed to stand up straight, adding a little extra height to the bases of your models. Once you've finished painting your miniatures, simply peel off the tufts you want to use and stick them to your bases using a dab of Citadel PVA Glue.

  • Vizualizat: 455
  • Producător: Games Workshop
  • Cod produs: 5011921029136
  • Disponibilitate: 1
  • 49,00 RON

Etichete: middenland, tufts, miniature, wargame

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