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Kings of War Two Player Starter Set din categoria Miniature Wargame

-27% Kings of War Two Player Starter Set cod 5060208869460

Kings of War Two Player Starter Set din categoria Miniature Wargame

Kings of War Two Player Starter Set

Kings of War - Mega Two-Player Starter Set

Mantic Games is a new company producing a line of high quality, multi-part plastic truescale 28mm fantasy figures.  Their figures are designed to offer endless modeling options for those who want them, but are also easy to use, simple clip-together and play features for those keen to get their army on the gaming table.  

Two ancient foes face each other across the field of battle, each intent on the destruction of the other. Warlords plot, regiments of troops advance in formation as they attempt to outmanoeuvre each other, terrible war machines rain indiscriminate death from the skies and powerful mages harness the forces of magic to heal their comrades or destroy the enemy. This is Kings of War, the tabletop game of fantasy battles.

This set contains: 208 Page Kings of War Hardback Rulebook, 80 Page Kings of War Softback Rulebook, 1 Arc of Sight Template, 1 Turn Counter with Spinner, 1 6" x 1" Ruler, 43 Game Counters in 3 colours, 4 Multi-Purpose Damage Trackers with 24 Damage Rings, 80 Undead Miniatures, 66 Dwarf Miniatures.  Multi-part plastic and metal figures, plastic bases.  28mm scale.

Pack contains eighty undead and sixty dwarfs.  Miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly. Figures are about 7/8" to 1 1/4" to top of head. 

       •Contents: One Hundred and Forty-Six (146) miniatures

Jucatori 2; varsta 12+; durata 60 min.


  • Vizualizat: 3245
  • Producător: Mantic Games
  • Cod produs: 5060208869460
  • Disponibilitate: 1
  • 550,00 RON
  • 400,00 RON

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